Cotton science

The Cotton Plant

The cotton plant is a thousand-year-old plant offering benefits for the skin that are appreciated by women all over the world. Knowing cotton for more than 30 years, Demak'Up has chosen to integrate this expertise into all of its products.


Our cotton pads are composed of 100% natural and biodegradable fibers


The secret of manufacture

According to an exclusive and patented manufacturing process, Demak'Up develops a higher quality of cotton in its French factory in Normandy.

Demak'Up selects the best qualities of cotton fibers to create the cotton web from which the discs are cut out. The cotton fibers are assembled thanks to the hydro-entangling process: this technique interlaces the fibers of the web with high-pressure jets of water. 

The hydro-entangled cotton then becomes more resistant and, especially due to this, guarantees the non-fluffyness.


The result?

A cotton disc which removes make-up effectively without becoming fluffy and :

- great softness thanks to the smoothness of selected fibers,

- optimal resistance thanks to a patented manufacturing process.


The cotton plant’s secrets: active cosmetic ingredients

During every stage of its growth, the cotton plant delivers real beauty-related treasures.

The Demak'Up experts have drawn inspiration from them to create the Cotton Science™ by integrating the various parts of the cotton plant into specific formulas: Cotton Almond, Cottonseed Oil, Cotton Flower…Delivering their properties, they take care of people’s skin day after day.


The cotton plant delivers the real treasure beauty.


The Demak'Up Result?

Formulas involving natural extracts of Cotton tested dermatologically and ophthalmologically in order to guarantee an optimal balance with the skin.